One Year Anniversary of Boom Travel & Wellness


One year ago today we started the Boom Travel & Wellness blog – a place to talk travel, transformation, and wellness For us this is a great time to look back as well as look forward.

Last year we sold almost all our belongings, our house of 25+ years, left our jobs of 10+ years, packed up Charlie (our cat), stuffed the rest into 2 suitcases each and moved to Puerto Rico. 

In the middle of all that we had the opportunity to travel part of the Camino de Santiago with friends and family, while some of us navigated COVID abroad! Two of our party even had to stay behind for an extra week until we were cleared to travel!

We would not necessarily recommend you take an overseas trip in the middle of trying to sell everything and move, but that's life for you. We're learning to be flexible! 

With friends in Lisboa, Portugal.

Another exciting highlight of 2022 was a trip back to the states for the wedding of Loren and Collin. They did a wonderful job planning an event that was very special and unique. They rented a "Ghost Town" venue south of Las Vegas, Nevada, and invited immediate family to join them for a wonderfully fun and inspirational weekend.

Loren and Collin Exchange Vows

As we embark on the second year, we truly understand that change can be both exciting and challenging. 

One challenge we navigated through was our first hurricane. Fiona. So glad it was a category one. That being said we also know how to better prepare for this year! Being without water or electricity when it's 90 out was not for the faint of heart.

As you can see from the picture, the whole island was without power at one point. We did okay on the north shore, though, as our power was restored within a week. In the middle and south of the island they were without services for a few weeks!

While living on the beach with awesome looking sunrises and sunsets is great, being so far away from family and friends is not. This has probably been the most difficult part of this journey. Lyndon is more outgoing than me, but less adept in Spanish, so making friends has been difficult. We are trying to connect more with those in our condo community as well as settling in with a church family.

As we look ahead to "YEAR 2" of Boom Travel and Wellness we will probably be traveling mostly around Puerto Rico and sharing those everyday adventures with you. Just click the Puerto Rico tab or label at the left side of the page to read up on all those stories. We'll likely focus on hikes and day trips to the many beaches of PR.

We are working on perfecting our 1-Day, 2-Day, and 3-Or-More-Days tours of the island, so that if you decide to come visit Puerto Rico (and/or us!), we will provide a good adventure for you. 

We are blessed with a semi-retired lifestyle, which means we still do need to work a bit for money, but also have the flexibility to take days off when we want to. In fact, we've already met up with three different friends from the states who made their way to PR.

Lyndon, Julie, and Gwynne, a friend from the US

Our goal while here is to assist others in maintaining an active lifestyle while embracing the transformation that comes with your next chapter in life. Whether it's through travel, wellness, or new experiences, we believe that staying curious is one of the keys to a fulfilling lifestyle. 

Our Going Away Party Last Year

In 2023 we would like to hear more about the adventures you are having. We are open to guest photos and blog post from you all as well. So, come along with us as we explore new destinations, try new activities, and discover new things about yourself and others too. We’re here to inspire, encourage, and support each other on this journey. Here's to a new year of adventure.


  1. We're happy to be some of the friends you have made in Puerto Rico and look forward to hiking and beaching together very soon!

    1. Us too! Our next blog post (tomorrow?ish?) will be about meeting up with you for our hike and afternoon at the beach!


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