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On the road again...

I'm not quite sure how two semi-retired people can seem so busy that we can't find time to write a blog, but that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! One of the things we've been busy doing is traveling. I've been on the road since November 11th and will return home on the 29th.
One of the places our travels took us to was Las Vegas. First, for the exciting event of our daughter Loren's wedding, and then an extra few days stay for an author's conference for Lyndon. For the majority of our time in Vegas we stayed in the classic mid strip Flamingo Hotel.
While many updates have taken place over the years, the classic fluorescent pink abounds. Flamingos and pink are integrated into many design elements. Glaringly missing from the array were the actual live flamingos. For our safety they are quarantining due to a potential outbreak of bird flu.
My time in Las Vegas clearly reminded me that I rather enjoy our slow paced beach life. That being said it was fun to have some different experiences. I'm not going to say a lot about the gaming area because I did not spend any time or money there. Not to say I wouldn't have, but it's not as simple as it used to be--put in coin, pull a lever. Everything is very automated. Plus, the gaming floor is always busy and it was not a smoke free environment. Everywhere you wanted to go could only be accessed through the gaming floor.  
The outdoors areas were quite pleasant. Although the weather was cooling, it was still very nice. The wildlife habitat had turtles, birds, and many varieties of ducks. Decorative fountains and small waterfalls were throughout the outdoor area. They were also starting to put up their Christmas decorations.
Throughout the grounds and in our room I definitely appreciated the somewhat tacky retro flair. The decorations, the lamp, and interior walkways all gave homage to the past, but with an updated spin. I enjoyed that aspect of the design.

While we only got coffee from the coffee shops at the hotel, the Flamingo boasts casual dining through a steakhouse, coffee shops and bars. If nightlife is what you crave, they have the expected shows as well. You can also mall style shop without even leaving the hotel, but the bustling LINQ promenade with food and shops is right outside the hotel.  
Most definitely the highlight of the trip for us was celebrating the wedding of Loren Gayle-Ayers Perry to Collin James-Perry Ayers! It was so nice to gather with the immediate family at the El Dorado Canyon Mine outside of Las Vegas. The weather was beautiful and the time was special. We are delighted to celebrate with these two as they made their wedding "extra official" with a fun and meaningful family and friend ceremony. 


  1. My fav place to eat by the Flamingo is the Gordon Ramsey fish & chips!!! So stinking good. Lies right outside the doors when walking out to the promenade. Looked like a beautiful wedding and glad to know you guys are enjoying island life still!

    1. We saw Hell's Kitchen but did not have time to eat there. So many choices in Las Vegas!


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