Another Beach Exploration: Los Tubos

In a continued effort to get out and about and explore and enjoy our beautiful surroundings we have managed to check out another beach. We went to Los Tubos Beach last Sunday. This was really only about a 10 minute drive west from our condo. We visited on a Sunday afternoon when you would think beaches would be crowded but this one was not. It was easy to find free parking. They had parking available on the street as well as in a parking lot.

Although some previously official parts of the beach grounds are closed and looking quite run down, there are a fair amount of covered gazebos, tables and places to sit out of the sun and have a picnic. There are also some vintage 1970s looking cement animals for children to play on.

It seems that, like this beach area, quite a few sites never were refurbished after hurricane Maria. That being said it does not stop locals from enjoying the park and sand. We headed to the beach and found a shaded area to park our chairs. This particular beach area was quite sandy without a lot of rocks or seaweed; you could definitely safely walk on the beach barefoot.

As we continued to stay and enjoy the day, the clouds rolled in so the expected crowds never arrived. Some neighbors from our condo complex actually came after we had been there a while so we had a good time chatting with them. We went for a walk and got a few pictures of the surf. 

This is not a guarded beach so you are swimming at your own risk. We chose to just walk in the sand and the water. It is known as a surfing beach but we did not get any pictures of surfers, sorry, the surfers were arriving as we were getting ready to head out.

Not every adventure is a big adventure, but we like the day-to-day experiences in our new environment. While we don't always make time to visit a new beach, we do take advantage of the one right outside of our condo, almost everyday - at least for a sunrise or sunset walk.


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