A Top 10 List for Hydration

First, a bit of trivia...

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Used by permission.
I don’t know if this is what prompted me to write a blog post on hydration, but we are trying to move into our condo and we are struggling to get the water turned on in the apartment. It's a hassle to say the least.

While on hold on the phone (four times waiting about 50 minutes each time!), I heard the water company's recorded message, oh, maybe fifty times. One thing I learned (over and over again) was that only 3% of the water on earth is potable (safe to drink). 

That's a pretty vital bit of information, don't you think? 

I love to drink water. Just regular clean, non-flavored water. I know many struggle with water drinking.  "It's tasteless.” “It tastes bad” “It's too boring to drink.” 

That being said, we need water. In fact, as pointed out in an old Star Trek, Next Generation episode, we are pretty much “bags of mostly water.”

So here are my Top 10 Reasons for Drinking Water...

1. Regulates Body Temperature. Water plays an important role in regulating your overall body temperature. Sweating (water loss) is your body’s way of preventing itself from overheating. Adequate amounts of hydration help keep this system working right.

2. Keeps Joints Lubricated. The cartilage, found around most joints, contains a good percentage of water. Long term dehydration can reduce your joints “shock-absorption” ability, leading to joint pain and even injury.  

3. Enhances Brain Performance. Studies show that you only need to be 1% dehydrated to experience a 5% decrease in cognitive function. This can impact our ability to focus during the day and sleep well at night.

4. Aids Digestive Health. Hydration plays an important role in the digestive process. It assists with the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. Insufficient hydration can lead to slow digestion and constipation.  

5. Helps One's Mood. Proper hydration can help our overall sense of wellbeing. Since dehydration can produce tension, depression, fatigue, confusion, and even anger, hydration can lead to relaxation, happiness, energy, clarity, and good humor.

6. Maintains Blood Pressure. Lack of hydration can cause your blood to become thicker, increasing your blood pressure and heart rate.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels. Used by permission.

7. Assists Weight Loss / Weight Management. Water can be a great tool for weight loss and weight management. Of course, water is calorie free, has all these mentioned health benefits, and can help you achieve a feeling of being full.

8. Boosts Skin Health. Simply put, hydrated skin is more elastic and youthful looking; and helps keep away the wrinkles. Scars and wrinkles we do have are less visible with hydrated skin.

9. Kidney Stone Prevention. While not always the cause of kidney stones, dehydration can lead to their production. Drinking plenty of fluids may reduce the risk of kidney stones.  

10. Heart Health. According to the American Heart Association, keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood throughout your body. If you’re well hydrated, your heart won’t have to work as hard. 

Photo by Julie and Lyndon Perry.

A final water note. While many experts recommend drinking 8 cups of water a day, make sure you check with your physician. Certain medical conditions and medications aren’t compatible with this guideline. 

How have you benefited by drinking water?


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